Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DIY Steam Trunk Restoration

Welcome, this is a blog about, you guessed it,  My Old Steam Trunk. The overall focus of this blog will be about restoring and reconditioning one of these old steam trunks. There will be information about the trunk, how to do restoration, the costs involved, and the amount of time involved in restoring one of these old relics from the past. The above picture is how I found it, dust,rust, dry rot and all.

My old steam trunk has been sitting around this house for several years. There is a bit of history to this steam trunk that I will share in another post.All I'll say for now is that it sat around my house for a very long time.  I was watching a t.v. show and seen one of these finished and thought I could do that.

My first step was to do some internet research to see what was involved in restoring one of these things. I thought for sure I would find a few blogs pertaining to this , I was really surprised to find very limited information on this subject. I found a few websites with restoration tips and helpful info but nothing detailing a step by step process. So I thought what a great blog idea. Thus the birth of the My Old Steam Trunk blog.

The plan here will be to show you my restoration project from day one, itemize the products purchased for the restore, the tools used, finding replacement parts, tallying the costs involved, and logging the amount of time spent on this restoration project.

I plan on posting regular step by step instructions on how I restore and recondition this trunk. This is my second internet blog, and my first attempt at restoring a steam trunk. Hopefully this doesn't turn into the biggest blog fail in the history of the internet. You can watch the project grow from day one, and watch me either royally fudge this up, or create a finished product that I can place in my living room or bedroom. How this ends only time will tell.

Whether your restoring one of these yourself, or just curious how this project turns out, stop back for updates and feel free to leave comments, tips, and ideas.

Thanks for stopping by My Old Steam Trunk.

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  1. Hi Enjoyed reading your blog. I have a Henry Likly steamer trunk w/the original nameplate and hardware. My great grandmother brought it over to the U.S. from Ireland in the late 1800's. Our grandson will be the 6th generation to own it. I'm interested in restoring it. thanks, Maureen.